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“It’s all about the Journey” and The Rockin Krolik is grateful for the ride, taking life one day, one song, one gig, one connection at a time.

Krolik, Polish name (Królik) nickname from królik, 'rabbit'.

The Rockin Krolik is a rock singer songwriter wearing his heart on his sleeve, whether he writes or performs.

He believes in authentic self expression, staying true to himself  and the world he creates invites us to think, feel and celebrate. 

He writes when the feelings are strong and lets it all out , inspired by nature, society, the story of others or his own.

Pearl Jam, The Cranberries, Alanis Morrisette are amongst artists who inspired him and motivated him to pick up a guitar and write his own songs in the mid 90's.

In a roundabout way, The Rockin Krolik’s debut album All About The Journey (released June 2019) is an introduction. The release features a selection of 10 songs written over the last 20 years proving that it’s never too late to fulfill a dream...It’s all about the Journey.